Green Living

Green Living

At H&S La Croix Inc., we take our environmental responsibilities seriously. We employ several techniques and philosophies to preserve the environment:


Our buildings are prefabricated under controlled manufacturing conditions to leverage the highest construction standards, conserve resources and reduce the waste.

Prefabrication is an innovative process with wall, floor, and roof modules produced in a highly efficient manufacturing facility then transported to the construction site for final assembly.


  • Improves quality and productivity.
  • Reduces the overall carbon footprint.
  • Reduces congestion at the construction site.
  • Less waste to be managed.
  • Easily accommodates quality insulation.
  • Consumes less energy during construction.

Green Building Guidelines

We follow green building guidelines throughout the construction life cycle, we think about, design, construction, and the buildings operation, we need buildings that take less from the earth and give more to people. Imagine homes, offices, and communities that are net producers of energy,

Every step in our process is streamlined to use energy efficiently.

Our prefabrication process reduces transportation, maximizes productivity, and produces as little waste as possible.

We produce high-performance buildings with energy-efficient windows and insulation so that energy continues to be conserved throughout the building